Arfa Karim My Saviour

Being a fan of someone is usually eventuated into affection with that person. People like to follow those, who inspire them with their thoughts, actions, and words. Thus, I (Aleem Qureshi) also fall in affection with someone who is known as “Arfa Karim (Youngest Microsoft Certified)”; but my adherence towards “Arfa Karim” has a rare story though it’s interesting too because I became her fan when she was not physically alive but spiritually.

“Arfa Karim” had lost her life on 14-January-2012 due to a cardiac attack. I met her first in 02-February-2018 (after 6-years of her death) It may sound awful to know how I met a person who’s not alive. As stated earlier, it’s a rare and interesting story that’s why I decided to write it here to share with others.
Almost 3-years ago in 2017, It was the time when I was struggling with my career. I had failed in many exams, I couldn’t perform a consistent role in any company where I was appointed as well. For this reason, I was so discouraged and felt intimidated by everyone. Finally, the special day came into my life when I met her. It was 02- February- 2018, while I was a little depressed and apathetic due to a lack of success and achievements in my career.

I heard her (Arfa’s) voice on television since it was her birthday hence many tv channels were reporting her interviews. She was a successful and Microsoft certified software developer and professionally, I am also a software developer. By fascinating her success story in a sweet childish voice, I decided to watch more interviews of Arfa on YouTube to overcome my stress.

When I heard 2 to 3 interviews of “Arfa Karim”, Surprisingly, I found some answer’s in “Arfa’s” words against of my concerns regarding my disastrous situation. It made me curious to listen to her more and I started to view her interview everyday. I was getting so much motivation and strength from her stories. Gradually, I got my way of success in the following of Arfa’s path. but the story doesn’t end up here. She (Arfa Karim) had something more for me that spiritually connects me with her.

Just like other fans, I also had a wish to get closer to my celebrity to know more about her but obviously she was not physically alive so I decided to contact her parents. Arfa Karim is a role model for every Pakistani, she remained a public figure in her life. Therefore, I was acquainted that it will not be easy to access “Arfa’s” family. But once again, surprisingly, I received a call from the “Arfa Karim Foundation” which was established after her death and I got an opportunity to talk with “Arfa’s” mother “Samina Amjad” and then her father “Amjad Karim”.

I talked with both of them 3-5 times and at every call, they were inviting me to visit them. Though they were living in another city “Lahore” and I was located in “Karachi” so due to lack of finance at that time I was not able to meet them. Now, probably you’re not going to believe me what I am going to write next but it really happened, and this was the first moment in my life when I realized that “Arfa” is spiritually helping me. Let me tell you how she created a way for me to approach and meet her family at her own house, don’t miss this part of the story.

One Day I was so worried about how to find the resources (financially) to travel to “Lahore” city and meet with “Arfa’s” family. Till this time, I had no job. Instead, I was selling a few of my IT products on subscription bases.

In night probably at 11:45 pm, I imaginary said: “Arfa if I get a good amount of finance then I’ll not use that amount anywhere else, Instead, I’ll book a flight to Lahore immediately to visit your family”. I said it and closed my eyes to go for sleep. Just after 5-minutes of my imaginary thoughts, I received a message on my mobile from someone (Russian) who was interested in buying all of my products with a heavy amount.

I was habituated to dealing with many fake customers, no one can buy even a 10$ subscription without inquiring all technical details. So I was pretty sure this one from “Russia” is fake too because He was looking to buy all the products and invest a good amount but he didn’t ask for any technical details. But I couldn’t leave him undone, therefore, on his request I created an invoice for him so that He can make the payment, I was still sure that He’s fake and will not be going to pay or probably he’ll start asking many presale questions.
As per my responsibility, I sent him an invoice and closed my eyes to sleep again. Over again, I received a notification on my mobile that woke me up, and I was amazed to see that He had paid the complete amount just after just 7-8 minutes from the time of receiving an invoice. This all happened in between 5-15 minutes, so the first instinct came to my mind is the amount is a gift for me from “Arfa Karim” and as per my commitment, I’ll not use it anywhere else. In the morning, I booked my flight for “Islamabad” which is another city but near to the “Lahore” I had a plan to land in Islamabad first then I’ll move for “Lahore” from there via bus.

The last thing I am going to write will clarify your doubts and you’ll believe me. When I was moving for Islamabad, I was continuously thinking that the person who bought my products will ping me for technical support regarding the installation of the products which was not an easier task. I was concerned about how I would assist him because some of the products were not functional.

It could take a lot of time and because I was traveling around Islamabad and Lahore, I was not able to give proper time to my job. But He didn’t ping even contact me. It sounds like an angel came and facilitated me to fulfill my dream to visit “Arfa’s” family.

From that day, I called her (Arfa Karim) my savior, there are many other unnatural incidents like this one in my relation with “Arfa”, but this one was my first and memorable experience which I shared with you.

Author – Aleem Qureshi