Arfa Karim Biography Book

Proudly presentation of conversation publications. For the first time, the most authentic book on the life of Arfa Karim Randhawa which was written by his parents.

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Arfa Software Technology Park

A science park in Lahore, the Arfa Software Technology Park, was named in her honor.

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We Serve in Education

Education is our primary sector and we have been training the youth of Pakistan.

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Awarded For Pride of Performance

She received the President's Award for Pride of Performance by General Pervez Musharraf in 2005

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Pakistan Youngest Microsoft Certified

Arfa Karim was the Pakistan Youngest Microsoft Certified computer scientist. When she was 10, Randhawa was invited by Bill Gates to visit the Microsoft headquarters in the United States.

Our Objectives

It is a private non-profit foundation that serves the community of Pakistan by providing support to key players in three core areas:

Current Projects

Digicon Valley

BACKGROUND: In 2004, Arfa Karim made a world record by becoming the youngest Microsoft Certified

Care The Kids

BACKGROUND: Child abuse is a concerning issue in Pakistani society that is unfortunately poorly addressed.

Samina Amjad (M/O: Arfa Karim)

Arfa Karim Mother Mrs. Samina Amjad Message: I (Samina Amjad) believe that nature shapes you accordingly when it wants you to do something significant. It makes you become someone beyond your capabilities to accomplish an essential mission it has assigned to you. Allah blessed me with Arfa in 1995. She was an energetic baby, and even as a toddler, she wished to explore and experience the things around her. A child, I believe, must not be controlled; rather, it must be free to choose its path. Nature allotted me a mission to develop in Arfa a sense of free-will alongside emphasizing values, spirituality, morality, and ethicality. I have seen her becoming a tenderhearted and compassionate girl who always put others

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