Teaching is a Never-Ending Journey

Process of Becoming a Teacher

The procedure of getting a teacher begins when a newborn baby adopts the ability to heed. When we are acquitted, we accommodate to our surroundings and teach ourselves. Our elders teach us about the little things and we teach ourselves by reading. In this manner, this process goes along and we increased our self-learning. Then we bring in our bachelor’s degree and obtained a credential of a teacher.

Self-Learning or Autodidactation is a process of learning or teaching own without any teacher. While teaching, we are teaching ourselves because we learn new things day by day. It is important nowadays because It creates an opportunity to learn different skills.
Why self-learning is important?
Because by self-learning

  • You develop strong problem-solving skills.
  • You gain other skills by this process
  • The learning experience becomes more meaningful.
  • You have clear learning goals.


Open-learning can be adverted to as a teaching method. This condition refers to natural processes that enhance learning and thinking powers. It is not confined to classroom teaching methods, it approaches, innovative and digital scholarship. It came out in 1970 and has become a part of the modern education system. It is quite different from self-learning because self-learning doesn’t need any teacher. While open-learning requires teachers in digital form. Open-learning can be self-learning but self-learning cant be open-learning.
Passion for Knowledge

The teacher’s journey represents a lifelong dedication to scholarship. It’s approximately a true passion for new knowledge and accomplishments that make you more effective as a professional and a human being. If you have a passion for getting knowledge, then you will be a great teacher. Teaching doesn’t mean to teach, it means to give and gain. It means, if you teach for the sake of knowledge, then you are a great teacher.
Learning by Teaching

Teaching doesn’t mean that you are giving every information to students. It implies you are taking in. Because giving is gaining. You learn more by teaching others. If you want to increase your learning ability then teach. On the other hand, if you want to teach then learn. Teaching and learning have a close relationship. Without learning you can’t teach, and without teaching, you can’t learn