arfa karim

Thinking of writing for a cause, searching on Google for non-profit organizations, while sitting on a bed at the late hour, I dreamed of creating an impact on people’s minds with the power of my words. Being a writer, I wanted to devote my time and energy to something which needed people’s attention and heed. In the list displayed by Google, there appeared the “Arfa Karim Foundation” through which it immediately occurred in my mind an image of a genius girl whose fame grew when she became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and honestly, this was all I knew about her. Well, I followed the organization’s website link and started getting more information regarding why and how it was established?

From reading all the website content; the vision, the projects, the courses, the blogs to watching Arfa’s interviews, life story, interesting facts and a day in Arfa’s life on YouTube, I got to know more about WHAT kind of an individual she was and how much unique personality she had. She was a thinker, an observer, a planner, a strategist, a doer, a risk-taker, a goal-oriented determined person, a multidimensional curious individual, full of life and energy, and all of that at such a young age of EIGHT.

Should I talk about me, I, too, am a goal-oriented patriotic individual full of hope who truly believes that we Pakistanis, as a nation, can drive this country to progress, and contribute to making this world a better place through joint efforts. I have always dreamt of doing many great things for the 23 MILLION children in Pakistan who are out of school, the poor and neglected communities in under-developed regions of Pakistan which don’t have access to basic needs; food, clothe, shelter, the women in the country who are left un-empowered and can’t contribute to the society as much as their male counterparts, and ALAS! The list continues…

It won’t be wrong to say that Arfa and I share COMMON goals. How she aimed to educate children in the rural areas of Pakistan, how she believed that education can pave the way to a brighter future, how she desired for her country to excel in Information Technology, how she was so keen to build a DIGICON VALLEY in her country that she designed its whole map, this all was so inspiring for me that I felt a BOND, a CONNECTION, a RELATION between me and Arfa at the late of the night which is why at once I applied for a content writer at AKF because I wanted to be a part of her mission, her vision and her aim.

I want to speak out loud in public, I want to address our society, I want to pave the way for her dreams, and I want to shorten the road so that her dreams get fulfilled as soon as possible. I would broaden and strengthen the road so that the children of our society, would walk freely on it, assured that this road leads to a BETTER Pakistan, just as a dark tunnel has LIGHT in the end.