My Teacher-The SuperHero

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Teachers have greater importance in our society. They don’t only teach; they involve the student’s eternity. They act like a hero for students. The instructor can be anyone, it may be father, mother or any other individual who enhances your skills and create your future. Following are the causes of why a teacher is a superhero:
Touch the Future

Great teachers touch the future because they inspire hope and catalyze creative ability in students to Imaginate their thoughts to a more eminent level. They enhance the skills inside the students. That is why they are superheroes.Art of Awakening

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Albert Einstein
A superhero
teacher always tries to awaken the students. Every teacher should act like an awakener for the students, not a teacher.
Zero to Hero

A skillful instructor is not himself a poor boy, he also creates heroes for the hereafter. When a child starts learning, he is dull at the start. It means he is at the zero stage. When a teacher teaches him, he starts growing and enhancing his learning. Then this child finishes his zero factor and approaches to his superhero level. After that, this child also creates superheroes.

Like a comic book superhero, he plays for the welfare of his country and citizenry. He redeems the masses and his country. He doesn’t play for himself because he is selfless. In the real-life world, teachers are the superheroes because they teach their nations to become great of all time. When a scholar or a person passes in a wrong path, then a teacher deviates his wrong course to the success path.


As we discussed, a superhero teacher acts as an Awakener. But on the other hand, he creates a big impact on students as an influence. The Influence of a Good Teacher can Never be Erased. According to the above-stated saying, if you are a skillful teacher and you hold abilities like a comic book superhero to engage the people and to influence them, then you can mark the influence on your pupils. And this influence can never be effaced.

Suppose a Superman, when a problem occurs in anywhere in the town, he flies away for the help because he is born to face the difficulties and save the citizenry and the world. Now get into the real-life world, every educational institute needs a teacher to instruct the pupils. When they are short of teachers, they face troubles. When a great and passionate teacher hears about this word, he flies away whether he is sour from that state or not, his passion always calling him.
Discover Legends

The selfless superhero teacher is himself a legend. He identifies the different legends from his squad of scholars from different disciplines. Like actors, musicians, comedians, journalists, etc. These legends should be grateful to the superhero legend who discover the skills that make them legends.
Needs of a Superhero

Following are the important needs of a great superhero teacher:

  • Faith
  • Time
  • Bravery
  • Associations
  • Love

There are many needs of a superhero teacher, but these five demands are crucial. You cant teach like a superhero without the above-mentioned matters.